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Junior Minigolf Masters



The Junior Minigolf Masters is the biggest Minigolf Tournament for Elementary School Students of all time.

During its entire history, there have been more than 5,000 players.

From school year 2018/2019 it continued at the Kotva Minigolf in downtown Prague.


The main reason for organizing the tournament is to work with youth, to involve children in sports activities for improving their better life-style and healthy well-being with intention to introduce a lesser-known sport to them.

Minigolf is suitable for this purpose for several reasons. It can be played by anyone, while still maintaining a high degree of competitiveness (without the influence of chance, the best wins) and for the involvement of a large number of players, the presence of all players in one place at the same time is not required. At the same time, minigolf tests the ability to concentrate, deal with emotions, balance and focus. Also strengthens resistance to stress, building responsibility and encourage kids and young adults for fair-play.


If your school wants participate, send us email:



Do you want to win next year's mini golf tournament?

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Take a look at the interim results of the current year of the tournament in the results list.

You can also read more about the history of the tournament and find out more information.  

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Register your School, Class or School Club for the tournament

Take a look at the score sheet of the last year of the tournament

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