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Frequently Asked Questions: Where is minigolf played?

Yes, this query is really common. It is related to the fact that if you learn the system of playing individual lanes with us, can you use this knowledge somewhere on vacation.

Mini golf is played in many countries around the world, but its popularity varies. Among the countries with the greatest tradition and popularity of miniature golf are:

Europe: Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria

Image: Minigolf Taivallahti, Finland - miniature golf

Image: Uppsala - Sweden, felt playground

North America: United States, Canada

Asia: Japan, South Korea, China

Australia: Australia, New Zealand

In these countries, there are national miniature golf federations that organize tournaments and competitions at various levels. Many of them also participate in international tournaments such as the World Mini Golf Championship.

Image: Burn Golf in Yokohama - Japan, miniature golf

Minigolf is also played in other countries of the world, but to a lesser extent. In many countries, miniature golf is becoming more and more popular and new courses are being created.

Here are some examples of countries where miniature golf is played but not as popular as the countries listed above:

Africa: South Africa, Egypt

South America: Brazil, Argentina

Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia

Europe: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece

North America: Mexico

Image: Koh Phangun, Thailand - concrete

The popularity of miniature golf in a given country depends on many factors, such as the availability of courses, climatic conditions, cultural traditions and the level of sports infrastructure.

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