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Minigolf on the Move: From Kotva to Maniny

The Minigolf Course at the Kotva Department Store Has Moved to a New Location in Prague 7

The minigolf course at the Kotva Department Store was a popular entertainment zone for both Prague residents and tourists. However, after almost 6 years, the course had to be moved to a new location. It has found a new home in Prague 7 - Maniny, where it looks forward to welcoming more people who enjoy playing with a putter and ball.

Moving the Course:

Day 1: The course was dismantled in one day. It was a precise operation that involved disassembling the individual panels of the tracks, obstacles, and iron frames.

Day 2: The tracks were then transported from the 3rd floor of Kotva. Due to their size and weight, the tracks had to be carried down the escalators. This required 8 strong men and one small child :-) The frames of the courses were transported by truck and lifted by a crane to the 2nd floor at the new location in Maniny.

Days 3-6: Parallel to the transportation of the course, 36 pallets of equipment, such as clubs, balls, scorecards, as well as furniture, reception, equipment for parties and corporate events, and more, were transported. The course was then installed at the new location in 4 days.

The New Course in Maniny:

The minigolf course in Maniny offers the same 18 tracks as in Kotva, just in a different order. The space is brighter and more airy, with comfortable seating for players and spectators. The course is open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and looks forward to welcoming everyone who wants to play minigolf and have fun with friends and family.


Moving the minigolf course from Kotva to Maniny was a demanding logistical operation that required careful planning and coordination. Thanks to the well-coordinated team and the professionalism of all involved, the course was moved in record time and without any unnecessary complications. A modern and attractive minigolf course has thus been created in Maniny, which is sure to please all lovers of this fun game.

Come and play minigolf in Maniny!

Additional Information:

  • The new address of the minigolf course is Jankovcova 2a, Prague 7.

  • The course is open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • The website of the minigolf course is

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